FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Tips

Vegetable seeds Many people don't make the most out of their FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer. Here are a few tips that can help you use your FoodSaver to the fullest.

FoodSaver Tip #1 - Extend the Life of Your Canning Lids

You can use the FoodSaver jar sealer to get a seal with lids that have been previously used. In normal canning you never want to reuse lids but with the FoodSaver you can put these lids to use instead of just throwing them away. Always remember though that the FoodSaver jar sealer can not be used for "canning", all it does is vacuum seal the jar.

FoodSaver Tip #2 - Protect Valuable Documents

You can keep important papers in a vacuum sealed pouch. There's nothing worse than having your documents ruined from water or other types of spills. This is great for passports, birth certificates, social security cards, and other one of a kind documents. Just place them in a FoodSaver pouch and vacuum seal them. They are then protected from accidental spills and even broken pipes.

FoodSaver Tip #3 - Save Those Seeds

If you are a gardener you will most likely be buying seeds every year and will rarely go through all of them. Sometimes you can even collect seeds from your current garden and use them the next year. One problem with saving seeds from year to year is that they can develop mold, dry out too much, or be ruined by spills. If you put all the seeds you are saving in a FoodSaver bag and then vacuum seal them they should be in perfect condition for planting the next year.

What other uses do you all have for your FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer?