iTouchless Vacuum Sealer and Bag Resealer

Itouchless food sealer iTouchless is a brand known for their excellent automated hands-free trash can. Since that success they've tried moving into other areas of the kitchen with mixed success. We thought we'd look at two of their kitchen sealers and see how they stack up to other sealers like the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer.

iTouchless Fresh Sealer

A sealed plastic container the iTouchless Fresh Sealer is supposed to keep your fruit, vegetables, and bread fresh by vacuum sealing them. When you close the top of the sealer a built in pump vacuums the air out of the unit. It can also be used as a dehumidifier to store cameras and film.

This unit seems to work very well with bread, tomatoes, apples, and oranges. Unfortunately, this appears to be all that the iTouchless Fresh Sealer can actually do well.

The biggest problem with the Fresh Sealer is that it generates heat inside of the plastic dome. This heat speeds up spoilage in many products. It also causes moisture to evaporate and stick to the top of the iTouchless dome, leading to an increase in spoilage.

The machine was basically ineffective in preserving bananas, cherries, grapes, bell peppers, plums, peaches and other similar fruits.

We recommend avoiding the iTouchless Fresh Sealer as it appears to be an expensive way to speed up the spoilage of your fruits and vegetables.

iTouchless Bag Resealer

The concept of the iTouchless Bag Resealer is a good one. You just just slide the bag resealer across the top of any kitchen bag to reseal it. You could use it to keep chips, pretzels, coffee or any other kitchen bag airtight and free of spoilage. Unfortunately the bag resealer has its share of problems.

It is very hard to line up the edges of the bags correctly and the speed and pressure you apply needs to be very precise. If you are off on any of these variables the bag will not seal correctly. After several tries with the iTouchless Bag Resealer it is normally possible to seal the bag decently but it still is not a very strong.

The amount of effort it takes to fully seal a bag with the iTouchless Bag Resealer just isn't worth the limited gains you get.

For now we'd stick to the iTouchless Trash Can and avoid their other kitchen appliances as they do not appear to be very useful.
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