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New FoodSaver Upright Vacuum Food Sealers

Foodsaver vacuum sealer v3840 FoodSaver has redesigned how their vacuum sealers work and have gone to a more automated, upright design. People seem to really enjoy the upright design since it takes up much less counter space and allows them to leave it out for easier access. However, this appears to be the only good thing about the new designs. The new vacuum sealers are filled with issues and are not up to the normally high FoodSaver standards.

The upright models are the FoodSaver V3840, FoodSaver V3440, FoodSaver V3480, and FoodSaver V3835.

FoodSaver Upright Vacuum Sealer Complaints

The heating strip heats up too fast and needs to cool off if you use it more than a few times in a row, this makes is very hard to seal foods in bulk and allows meat and fish to heat up before you can get them into the freezer.

The operation of the machine is much different than the old vacuum sealers and many people have trouble figuring out how it works, especially due to its many quirks. It was difficult to get the machine to sense that the bag had been inserted and was difficult to figure out how the cutting mechanism works.

Once you figure out how the bag sensor works it is still difficult to use. The bag has to go in just right or the FoodSaver will not see it. Since there is no manual override it can become very frustrating as you repeatedly insert the bag until the vacuum sealer finally sees it.

The upright vacuum sealers also use up more bag during the sealing process. They waste up to an inch per seal, which really makes a difference if you are trying to seal and use a bag multiple times. This is because it will only seal one to two inches from the edge as opposed to the older FoodSavers which seal right up to the edge of the bag.

Sometimes the FoodSaver would also just seal the bag without vacuuming the air out of it. This resulted in wasting even more bags and time.

Alternative FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers

With all these complaints I am very hesitant to purchase one of the new FoodSavers. I'd recommend sticking with some of their older models that are time tested and highly thought of.

Both the FoodSaver V2840 Vacuum Sealer and the FoodSaver V2440 Vacuum Sealer are highly thought of and work great.