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Oliso FF-500 Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer with Reusable Bags Review

Oliso frisper freshkeeper As FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers become more and more popular there are a slew of competitors entering the vacuum sealer market. Many choose to offer alternatives to the FoodSaver formula, preferring to try different methods of sealing rather than compete at FoodSaver's own game.

The latest product to take on the FoodSaver is the Oliso Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer. The Oliso differentiates itself by basing itself on reusable bags. The vacuum bags are very similar to zip lock bags and the Frisper sucks the air out of them by creating a hole that it then seals. The bags can be used around 10-15 times before they wear out.

While the concept behind the Frisper Freshkeeper is a good one, the actual execution is lacking. Oliso's biggest problem is consistency. Many Frispers work just fine but with others the vacuum doesn't get formed properly to start with. Many people run into problems with the FreshKeeper bags losing their vacuum, even after just a few hours.

The units are also pretty loud, which really isn't much different from most vacuum sealers, but something to be aware of. Their customer service also sounds like it is lacking, though we didn't directly deal with them our self.

I will give the Oliso Frisper Freshkeeper credit for being a great looking product. They seem to have taken some of their design ideas from Apple's products. It's very stylish looking and would look great sitting on the counter.

Oliso Frisper FreshKeeper Vacuum Sealer Conclusion

If you purchase a Oliso Frisper Freshkeeper and it works, you should be pretty happy with it. However, we don't feel comfortable recommending them when a large percent seem to be defective out of the box.

Even with working FreshKeepers you still need practice to get the correct touch down for it to be effective.

If you must have a small vacuum sealer or can't spend more money it be worth the risk for you, you can always return it to Amazon until you get a working unit but in my opinion you'd be better off spending the money on a FoodSaver.

Oliso FF-500 Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer with Reusable Bags
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