Vacuum Sealing Powders with a FoodSaver


Q: Why does my FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer fail to properly seal jars with powder in them?

A: One common problem people run into when using the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer jar attachment is that it loses it's seal over time when the jar has powders inside. This affects flour, powdered sugar and other powder-like substances and can be a major issue because many people like to vacuum seal their flour to extend the shelf life.

How Powder Causes FoodSaver Jars to Leak

The main reason this happens is because some of the air being vacuumed out comes from underneath the powder. Because of this, when the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer pulls the air up it causes the powder to create a cloud of particles. These particles can get trapped under the lid of the jar, causing the seal to be much weaker than normal.

Preventing FoodSaver Jars from Leaking

There are many approaches to preventing these leaks in the FoodSaver Jars. Before sealing powders you should always make holes in them with the handle of a spoon. These holes will act as channels for the air to flow through, limiting the dust cloud that will be created.

To further prevent the FoodSaver vacuum sealer from sucking up powder you can also place a coffee filter in the top of the jar, over the powder. This will greatly help reduce the particles in the air, resulting a much tighter seal.

Another good idea whenever using the FoodSaver Jar Sealer is to wipe off the rubber ring of the lid before using it. This will help remove any dirt or particles that could result in a weaker seal. If you follow all these tips you should have no problem vacuum sealing flour and other powders.

What tips for Vacuum Sealing powders do you have for your FoodSavers?